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Gabriela Lustosa is a legal assistant at Santanna Law Offices.

Her academic portfolio features a Bachelor's degree in Biology from the prestigious Federal University of Rio de Janeiro in Brazil. Prior to her legal career, Ms. Lustosa lent her expertise to the educational sector, teaching social-environmental education in multiple institutions, thus reinforcing her commitment to Social and Environmental Justice.

In 2003, Ms. Lustosa migrated to the United States. In addition to her native Portuguese, she has achieved fluency in English and possesses skills in Spanish which she is constantly seeking to improve.

Ms. Lustosa joined the Santanna Law Offices in 2021, a milestone she considers both an honor and a privilege. By providing assistance to her fellow immigrants, she discovered a new realm of passion and realized a professional dream she hadn't previously identified.

Outside of her professional endeavors, Ms. Lustosa is a committed mother and wife. Her leisure activities include traveling, reading, hiking, and dancing to Brazilian music. Above all, she values spending quality time with her family and friends. Ms. Lustosa's unique experiences and passions contribute significantly to her role at Santanna Law Offices, enhancing the service and perspective she offers to clients.

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